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 Ipod DJ Mixing Station 
 Mix and scratch your iPod.


iDJ2 is the first mixing station that enables you to play two tracks simultaneously from the same iPod. iDJ2 is a powerful DJ performance device with a dual-deck layout, a professional Numark DJ mixer, Numark’s exclusive Crate music-management system on a color LCD and a dock for iPod. You can perform with nothing more than iDJ2 and an iPod!


You can scratch and locate specific points within the track using iDJ2’s large wheels. Create and integrate seamless loops in seconds. iDJ2 has Fader Start, which enables iDJ2 to automatically start playback when you move the crossfader. Numark’s advanced Keylock feature enables you to shift the track’s tempo while maintaining pitch. And exclusive Beatkeeper™ technology empowers you to beat-match visually, by simply lining up the lights so you spend less time working in headphones.


iDJ2 has a performance-ready, two-channel mixer. Each channel has three-band EQs, gain control, pitch and line faders, level metering, loop controls, a tap tempo button, and standard transport and cue controls. A rugged, smooth crossfader with adjustable slope completes iDJ2’s mixer so you can mix between sources.

In addition to its iPod dock, iDJ2 has two sets of analog phono/line-switchable inputs with grounds so you can connect CD players, turntables, drum machines, and other analog music sources. It also has two USB ports for connecting digital devices and mixing them in.

iDJ2 has a complete cueing section with both 1/8” and 1/4” stereo jacks, independent cue level, tone, and cue-assign controls. iDJ2 also has a full-featured output section with balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA Master outputs and RCA Record outputs for recording your performance.


Numark’s Crate system is an electronic approach to managing setlists and the music library designed around the way you work with your vinyl or CDs. You can prepare setlists ahead of time, build them as your performance unfolds, or combine the two approaches. You just select a track in your library and load it into the virtual crate for either Deck A or Deck B. Quickly text-search with iDJ2’s click knob using artist, track or album name. For even faster track access, you can plug in an optional USB keyboard. 

The Crate system is easy to view in any lighting conditions thanks to its color LCD screen. The screen also enables you to use Track Profile view for easy visual detection of energy changes in tracks. You’ll be able to locate cue points without headphones!


You can perform with digital music files stored on iPods, USB hard drives and thumb drives thanks to iDJ2’s dock and two USB inputs. You can even play two tracks from the same iPod at the same time.

You can work with a wide range of file types including stereo and mono MP3s, WAVs, AACs, and more. You can mix in AAC podcasts and even connect and play from discs in external USB CD and DVD drives. iDJ2 even supports music on data DVDs and multi-session CDs. You can rip audio-CD tracks to a writable wav library, edit the text tags on tracks and albums ripped from CD and copy tracks from one drive to another. The possibilities are virtually limitless!

iDJ2 is the powerful, professional solution for performing with the music on your iPod.


iPod® is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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